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 Jim Wark - 2008
Jim Wark

Biographical Brief

Jim Wark is an aerial photographer who specializes in capturing unusual landscape and cultural images of North and Central America.

The plane used is a small high-wing, bush type (an Aviat Husky) with a large side opening for unobstructed shooting, and with the capability of operating out of small rough areas. A full complement of camping gear and provisions are always on board so that remote sites can be used as operating bases. Working alone in this manner, Wark has photographed the continent from Alaska to Labrador in the north; and from Costa Rica to the Lesser Antilles in the south.

This work, which is seen as a Project, began upon leaving corporate employment in 1990. In the years since he has flown more than 7500 photo hours, and taken more than 150,000 photographs.

To guide him, he uses aviation skills gained as a Naval Aviator and airshow pilot, and a love of the earth and its forms gained from a career as a mining engineer and geologist. The photography is represented by photo agencies in the U.S., France, Japan, and Australia. Membership is maintained in ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) and PAPA (Professional Aerial Photographers Association, Intl.) In 2005 he was the recipient of PAPA's first ever lifetime achievement award.

In February 2006 he was the first recipient of the EPSON Aerial Photographer of the Year Award. He received the Epson award again in 2012.

Wark summarizes his feelings about the Project in this way: "In doing this work the airplane, camera and photographer are a unit. I love the freedom, mobility and adventure that the candid aerial camera gives me to work with the seasons, the weather, and the light; and the ability to seek out hidden or inaccessible places, and serendipitous views. It is a constant and compelling challenge to work these factors into unique and exciting photographs that can be shared."

Note: Stock photography is done with Leica/Leitz R & M 35mm equipment, using Fuji Velvia film. Assignment work is done with Canon & Leica digital cameras.